Dental Lights

We believe affordability and brightness goes hand in hand. Our wireless and wired lights are designed to compliment your loupes, safety glasses or face shield. Experience lighting that is reliable and affordable.

Our Lights

Find out which lights works best for you.

NSA original 
(No Strings Attached) 
Wireless and affordable loupe light.  Comes with a single battery.  Prefect for those on a limited budget

NSA 2.0 

(No Strings Attached 2.0)

Wireless and dependable.  Comes with two replaceable batteries and brighter light output.  Works with all types of loupes, safety glasses and face shields.



(Affordable Dental Light)

A Wired dental light that is bright and affordable.  All of the same quality, brightness and battery life at a fraction of the cost.  


Specifically made for the dental team

Our lights were made with the dental team in mind. We worked hard to keep our prices low to make it affordable for the entire dental team to have a portable dental light. All of our lights are bright, clear and approved by thousands of dentist across the world! From our wireless light to our attachments, we designed each product to be convenient and inexpensive.  

Loved by thousands
And we know you will like it too.  All of our lights comes with a 30 days return policy so you get to use our lights risk free.

No Shadow

Better than over head lights.  Enjoy a bright and focused light source that gives you pretty much no shadow.  No more dark lingual distal corners!

It all started in dental school

The idea, and the design started way back in when the founders were still in dental school.  They worked hard to bring down the cost, and deliver on quality.