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Light Solutions Dental

The Wired Light

The Wired Light

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The Most Affordable Dental Light - because you shouldn't have to pay more for a bright light.

  • 42,000 Lux - brightness comparable to brand name (they are pretty much made with the same specs)
  • Spot focus that is perfectly round
  • LED light is lightweight and just 9 grams  (a little bit more than a quarter!)
  • Can be attached to ANY safety glasses, flip up loupes or through the lens magnification loupes and face shields
  • Over 18 hours battery life!
  • 45 Day Return Policy
  • 1 Year Warranty

Looking for a light that won't break the bank?  How about having a backup on hand?  For the price of one of our competitor's lights, you can buy five of ours.  Not saying you should buy five, but just one will make you a huge fan of our dental lights. Our Wired Light works just like all the brand name lights out there with similar brightness, run time, charge time and overall use, but ours is only a fraction of the cost.

Join all other dentists, hygienists and even assistants who loves our light, and save a lot of money doing so.

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